Fire Protection Of Electrical Cables

The dangers of fire spreading along combustible substrates is of particular concern especially where cables and plastic pipes are involved.

Insulation and jacketing of electrical cables consist of e.g. PVC polyvinyl chloride, PE Polyethylene, PP Polypropylene and rubber. All these are combustible creating penetration for propagation of fire generated by electrical overload, short circuit or external sources e.g. molten and metal, especially when cables are laid in bundles. To prevent the fire spread the following protective coatings are recommended:

KBS Coating

KBS Coating is a water-based, ablative fire protective coating especially developed for the fire protection of grouped or bundled electrical cables. The main function of KBC Coating is to prevent flame propagation along vertical and horizontal cable ways. KBS Coating is a permanent protection under all weather and climatic conditions, proven with 30 year outdoor tests conducted by the Institute of Fire Protection of Germany. KBS Coating as a coating for electrical cables can prolong the circuit integrity of the cables up to 52 minutes and has a fire rating of up to 120 minutes. KBS Coating is UL tested and FM approved.

Pyrosafe WB

Pyrosafe WB is an intumescent fire retardant coating to prevent fire spread along vertical and horizontal cable ways and plastic pipes. Pyrosafe WB is an internally acrylic thixotropic material comprising of flame retardant chemicals, fillers and pigments. Pyrosafe WB is to be used for dry indoor applications only. Pyrosafe WB is tested by the CSIR and provides a fire rating of up to 60 minutes.

Tekrok C

Tekrok C is an advanced fire protective coating used for cable protection and fire protection of junction boxes in the Chemical and Petrochemical industries. Tekrok C is a medium density material, yet a very durable material. Tekrok C has been tested by the SABS in accordance with Petrochemical standards as well as NFPA 58 providing a fire rating of up to 120 minutes.

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